05/16/2020 - Who Are You - Song Update

May 16, 2020

Finally found a drummer I can work with and afford. LOL When you are dealing with complicated drum beats and timing, it is very difficult to find the time and write out the score yourself... it is just an overwhelming time consuming task and was really slowing me down. Great news though.. I found a drummer I can deal with, PCDrummer ! LOL Why didn't I think of this a while ago? Man, what a waist of time. However, Who Are You is back in the cross hairs. Thanks.. =>joeyniles - MetalTillYouDrop! #JoeyNiles #Rock #Metal #HeavyMetal #joeynilesupdate

JoeyNiles To Create Podcast Regarding His Songs

July 31, 2019

JoeyNiles will be creating his music Podcast for his songs.  This will focus in on songs that he writes, an explanation of the songs and a way to better know him.  It will also serve as a conversation opener regarding the topics of his songs through HashTags on his FaceBook Page.  Stay Tuned, the first podcast will be on "Death Has No Friends".  Remember to always Metal Till You Drop!... 

JoeyNiles New Song Update "Who Are You"

July 31, 2019

What's Up Guys?!   Excited once again to be on the song writing path... I love it!   My next song will be called "Who Are You?".   I will be doing something different here, I will give you a little explanation regarding the song and what it's about. I regard myself as a deep thinker, a person who believes in a higher power.   Nuff said, this song is about the question everyone has about that higher being, "Who Are You" and how are you affecting my life; what is its' purpose for me?   Why do I go through so much pain, and why me?   Can't wait to share this song with you!   For now, always remember, Metal Till You Drop! =>joeyniles #HeavyMetal #Rock #NewSongs #HardRock 

JoeyNiles New Release - Enemy - Information

November 12, 2019

The new single release called "Enemy" will be officially released on 12/24/2018 along with its' Video.  

LiveWire to Feature Death Has No Friends

October 17, 2018

thanks LiveWire for featuring Death Has No Friends, greatly appreciated!  You guys rock!  =>joeyniles

SleepBagStudios - Review Of Death Has No Friends

August 06, 2018

Thank you SleepingBagStudios for this Awesome Review!  Truly Humbled by your words and, much Appreciated.  Rock On  =>joeyniles

Thank you Rock Rage Radio For Considering Death Has No Friends

July 23, 2018

Thank you RockRageRadio For Considering Death Has No Friends...  You guys rock!  =>joeyniles

Death Has No Friends Featured on ArtistRack.com

January 01, 2020

ArtistRack has now featured Death Has No Friends.  Awesome!  

Thanks To TriRockRadio for Playing Death Has No Friends

January 01, 2020

Thank you Tri-Rock Radio for playing Death Has No Friends!  =>joeyniles

Thanks To Steel Waves Radio for Playing Death Has No Friends

January 01, 2020

Thank you Steel Waves Radio for Adding Death Has No Friends to your roster!  =>joeyniles

Thanks to ProgPositivy Radio for Approving Death Has No Friends for Radio Play

July 19, 2018

Thanks to ProgPositivity Radio for approving Death Has No Friends to be played on their radio station! 

BroadTubeMusicChannel To List Death Has No Friends

July 04, 2018

Thank you BroadTubeMusicChannel for giving JoeyNiles the opportunity to list Death Has No Friends with BroadTubeMusicChannel!  That is awesome.  

Death Has No Friends - Reviewed by Dave Franklin

July 03, 2018

Thank you, Dave Franklin, for an awesome review.  I truly appreciate your words, Rock On Metal!  =>joeyniles

Death Has No Friend Video To Air On Mtv Music Videos

June 30, 2018

We are excited to report that Death Has No Friends Music Video will be aired on Mtv Music Videos on July 27th, 2018, between 8 and 9am EST.  Be on the lookout and then please let them know you like the video.  Your support will be greatly appreciated.  I truly want to pass out this message to all who would listen.  Love not hate!  Rock On Metal... =>joeyniles

CMV (Christian Music Video Program) To Air Death Has No Friends

June 18, 2018

Awesome News!  CMV (Christian Music Video Program will be airing Death Has No Friends on their show.  This is definitely cool and totally appreciated.  Thanks CMV for passing on a very needed message.  Rocking On Metal!  =>joeyniles  

Death Has No Friends - Release Update

June 12, 2018

The single called Death Has No Friends will be available on digital streaming and download distributor sites such as Spotify, YouTube Music, etc. on the official release date of 6/12/2018.  There is a Pre-Order release date of 6/2/2018, and the song will be available on iTunes and Google Play at a special price for fans.  Thank you for your support!  =>joeyniles

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